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“From the moment of our conception, our body
has a rhythm
We begin life with this rhythm,
which is in harmony with the Earth and the rest
of the Universe, but as we grow up, we receive
an imbalanced education that overemphasizes
the mind.

Our mind learns to dominate us,
causing illness and unhappiness.
When we rediscover our natural rhythm,
we take a step
towards living a balanced life”

(Breema- Essence of Harmonious Life, Jon Schreiber p. 66)

My aim is to help facilitate the body’s natural healing process through the application of numerous modalities.

I offer sessions in Breema Bodywork (registered trademark), Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Polarity Therapy, or a combination thereof.

I offer a sliding scale ranging from $45-$100 per hour.

For Bodywork sessions please contact me at 510-318-4596 or send me an email.

Skills and Experience

Energy Work. I have completed 230 hours of training at the Heartwood Institute, including 120 hours of polarity therapy, 40 hours of breath work, and 40 hours of working with the body-mind.

Massage Therapy. I received a certificate, entitled Holistic Health Educator, from the National Holistic Institute. The training included 720 hours of instruction in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, and sports massage. Other coursework included professional bodywork strategies, anatomy, physiology, physiology/pathology, kinesiology, first aid (including CPR), and business practices.

Breema Bodywork. I am a certified practioner and instructor of Breema Bodywork with over 500 hours of training from the Breema Center in Oakland.

Relevant Employment History

* Maintained a private practice in Berkeley since 1997

* Introduced massage to low-income senior citizens at The Center for Elder’s Independence

* Volunteered as a massage therapist at Quan Yin Healing Center in San Francisco for low-income clients and AIDS patients

* Served as a practioner, receptionist, and cashier at the National Holistic Institute massage clinic

* Worked as a cashier at the National Holistic Institute bookstore

* Taught Breema bodywork at the Breema Center in Oakland

* Created a Breema workshop at the Laughing Momma Studio in Fairfax

* Assisted a 200-hour month-long bodywork training at the Kripalu Center helping students with body dynamics, strokes, and emotional release.